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July 30th, 2006
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[I wrote this last week, but WordPress was playing up, and I thought it ate the post. Miracle of miracles, it’s come back from the dead. A bit dated, but still good].

I read Google News at lunchtime, exploring a selection of news from around the world (with a built-in-and-requested Australian and Canadian bias). Boats are much in the news today. Here’s a quote:

”... many recounted the terrifying scene. Some sobbed and clutched loved ones while others shared pictures of the aftermath.”

No, this isn’t from a story about the boatloads of people leaving Beirut, it’s from a story about a brand-new luxury cruise ship tilting 15° off Florida’s coast. Boo hoo, boo hoo. Read a newspaper lately, folks?


July 30th, 2006
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I’ve always been a fan of the old Apple Newton PDA. They were fantastic, and well ahead of their time. I keep looking at iPods and thinking what could have been. But if iPods were Newtons, they wouldn’t be nearly as popular. But now with the iPhone launch rumoured to be imminent (my official stance is “yeah right, not yet”, but I’m happy to be wrong, and I’ve got some money to spend in that direction…), a Newton/iPod mix would be reallllly nice.

But I digress. Check out this Newton vs Samsung UMPC smackdown at C|Net UK. 

Stop. Hammerblogtime.

July 21st, 2006
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Just this evening, we were listening to U Can’t Touch This, a true 90s classic. Because the computer is the smart one, we asked it what MC Hammer has been up to lately. Much to our shock and surprise, he’s got a blog. MC Hammer has a blog. He’s obviously trying to pick up on that Wil Wheaton coolness vibe.

To save you the trouble of clicking on that link (I know, the things I do for you, gentle reader), here’s a quote from the page:

I am physically as well as mentally and spiritually prepared for this mission. It was a long time in preparation and now is the time to release my algorithm that is ,”Look, Look, Look” (Look3x).
The engine and power of the movement is the blog. The blog will allow us to link hand in hand, one to another. Even those who are not Hammer Fans but appreciate blogging’s empowerment are welcomed supporters. The blog is our commonality. My goal is to connect with Hammer Fans. Make new Hammer friends and meet with like minds. Those who believe in God, family and community. Through the blog I will eliminate sensationalism. You will have access to my many thoughts and truly get to know me without an intermediate.
Video on demand will allow you to see my art, my life and work on demand and without the infection of those who have hidden agendas. This is the revolution and it is on demand. There is no stopping this movement and you can’t contain it. The music was built from the vibrations and the call of the people.

Go Hammer!

Found art

July 16th, 2006
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As a fan of dada and surrealism, this series of pictures my eye. I’m so glad that this paragon of cultural and critical commentary is continuing the fine tradition of “found art”, and placing their particular postmodern twist on the thing.

Warning: High art may offend (remember the scandal about Duchamp’s old Fountain? Toilets worldwide haven’t been the same since. Treat this link carefully, as you would your partner’s (or your own), um, cat.

Workers of the world, unite!

July 14th, 2006
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Patrick sent me a very nifty series of drawings, in airplane-emergency style. It’s a how-to series of making the world a better place quite simply. Very funny stuff. Original credit to Packard Jennings.

Burning a piece of history

July 12th, 2006
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The current fashionable rumour is that the new versions of the iPod nano will be in a magnesium case. This would be so Steve – the NeXT Cube was in a magnesium case. One day, just after NeXT stopped making hardware, Simson Garfinkel, an old NeXT acolyte, set a NeXT Cube alight. Poor thing. I had a couple of NeXT Stations (pizza-box style) but could never get them to boot, and moved out of the country before I could do anything with them. I still want a Cube. With a Dimension board. That would so totally rock my geeky world.


July 6th, 2006
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2:26: A huge, beautiful, screaming baby came out of me. He was dropped on my chest and rubbed vigorously with a towel and I saw his giant, Thing-like hands for the first time. And I cried.

Congratulations, Cheesefairy and Saint Aardvark, and welcome to the world, Trombone.

How many attachments?

July 5th, 2006
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An associate of mine (who will remain nameless, Tim) sent across a message with a whopping 95 attachments. KDE’s kmail choked on it, but Apple’s did okay. It gave up counting the attachments though, and simply said “lots”. Made me laugh out loud.


Reminds me of a story about the old vi text editor. If I remember correctly, there was a version of it that would, when loading a very large file, print “Whew! This is a really big file!” to the status bar.

He’s running away

July 4th, 2006
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I got this brilliant “I’m going on vacation” email from a good friend of mine the other day, and I thought I’d share:

Hi to all of you—especially those of you who are reading this message a second or third time,

Just to let you know that I (and my beloved) are running away for a month starting July 3.  Don’t telephone, email or use carrier pigeons, smoke signals, drum beats crystal-ball gazing, or attempt telepathically, illicit medication, astral projection or via any other means known to or imagined by humankind to contact me. . . BECAUSE IT WON’T WORK.

On the other hand, I want to assure you that I am here for all of you, no matter what.

As long as I get to determine what the “no matter what” is.

And, trust me, there isn’t much that matters.

I really love you all.  Really!

And to those who got several copies of this, sorry. . .kind of.  It was just too much work to go through all the names in the BCC thingy and delete.  However, you are important to me.  Just, apparently, not important enough to go through all the names in the BCC thingy and delete.

I know:  A simple “I’m out of the office” would have been sufficient, but, you know me.  Why use five words when 50 will do, eh?

Further, I know that it is incredibly arrogant of me to assume that you care whether or not I am around to send or receive emails, but then, it (meaning everything) REALLY IS ALL ABOUT ME.

Back online August 4 or thereabouts (or, if you want to contact me before Monday, July 3, I’m still ready to listen, to empathize, maybe even reply before dropping everything and everyone like toxic waste).

I hope somebody is kind and thoughtful enough out there to explain all of this to those who don’t know me very well or don’t know English very well.  Yes, I’m talking about you. . .because it is not always and all about me.  Sometimes it is about you. . .about you in relationship to me.

My beloved would be absolutely and utterly embarrassed to read this—which is why I will be deleting my “send” box in about 38 seconds.  However, she is not responsible for any of this in any way.

Peace to everyone and everything everywhere and everywhen,

[name deleted], Dad, Pastor, Friend, and all-round really nice guy

Indeed. Why use five words when fifty will do? 

Laundry heaven

July 3rd, 2006
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I can finally close the file-folder on our whitegoods purchasing experience. As you may recall, gentle reader, we’ve been looking for a good front loading washing machine and accompanying dryer for many many months now. About a month or two ago, we settled on a certain pair, and two weeks ago, we actually went and bought them.

They arrived last weekend, sans stacking kit. So while we had fun with the front-loading machine (1200rpm is very very fast, kiddies!), the set was not complete. Two blokes arrived on Saturday with an unassuming bit of plastic, and successfully stuck the dryer to the top of the washer. Hooray! I’ve never been this excited about laundry before.

The dryer is the niftiest part. Most driers exhaust warm moist air, and thus need to be ducted to the outside, lest the walls get moldy. Not so with this model! It’s a condenser dryer! I hadn’t heard about them until we started looking around, and then it became the natural choice. Warm air still comes out (which is good, because there’s no heat in the laundry), but all the water is mysteriously caught in a kind of longish bottle thing. See below. It’s very nifty, and the clothes (and towels mmmmm) come out lovely warm.

For the record, I was close to the right answer about the place of manufacture of the dryer: Poland.

And now, the pictures:


The compleat set.

condenced for your pleasure

The condenser.