Michael J Fox

Marty McFly, Alex P Keaton, and of course Teen Wolf. And there is the whole “boy from Burnaby” (immediately to the right of Vancouver) thing. I think there’s a special place in the hearts of people of a certain age range for Mr Fox. He’s from Burnaby (well, Edmonton, technically, but don’t tell anyone from Vancouver that), so he must be a nice guy. As Douglas Coupland might say: Burnaby is too bland to make a nasty person.

I was saddened when I learnt that he has Parkinson’s disease, but encouraged when he kept working, voice work and producer work. Apparently, he’s doing ads in the US now, campaigning for candidates who support stem cell research. Rush Limbaugh (bastion of truth that he is) has ridiculed these ads, claiming that Michael was acting. Aside from the fact that he’s probably not that good an actor, Limbaugh’s claim is just offensive in all kinds of ways. He’s John Gruber’s Jackass of the week, and mine too. Godessa oughta smite him.